Mink or Silk Lashes
Service Regular Member
Full Set (80-100 lashes per eye) $205
Lash Mini (30-40 lashes per eye) $160
2-3 Week Touchup$85$55
3-5 Week Touchup$105$75
1 Week Touchup $50 $30
New Client Touchup (new client from another spa,within 2-3 weeks, must have extensions left to work on)$125
Lash Removal $40 $25
Returning Client Full Set $160 $99

Service Regular Member
Brows $25 $15
Lip $12$8
Chin $12 $8
Full Face $45 $35
Men's Ear or Nose $15 $10

New Client Touch Up: It is for a client who comes from another spa within 2-3 weeks of her/his last lash appointment. She/he must have half extensions left for us to do a touch up. When there is not enough extensions left for us to work on as a touch up, or extension from another spa need to be removed for any reasons, we may need to ask you to sign up for an initial application.

Volume Lashes

Service                            RegularMember
Full Set$280
2-3 Week Touch Up$120$95
3-5 Week Touch Up$155$130
1 Week Touch Up$75$55
New Client Volume Touchup (new client from another spa, within 2-3 weeks. Must have extensions left to work on)$160

Russian Sable Lashes
Service                          RegularMember
Full Set$255
Russian Sable Mini$175
2-3 Week Touchup $105$75
3-5 Week Touchup$125$95
1 Week Touchup$65$45

Russian Sable Volume Lashes

Service                          RegularMember
Volume Full Set$300
Volume New Client Touchup(New Client from another spa, within 2-3 weeks, or a returning client within 6 months. Must have extensions left to work on)$210
Volume 2-3 Week Touchup $145$120
Volume 3-5 Week Touchup$170$140
Volume 1 Week Touchup$100$60

What is a Russian Sable Lash?
Developed over a period of four years with Japanese delicate attention to detail, the Russian Sable extensions are soft, feather-light and have excellent curve retention.
Available only at LashSpot SF in the US.

The price of membership is $25 per month. Members receive member pricing for all services, as well as 15% off retail products. To purchase a membership, please call or email us.