Mink or Silk Lashes
Service Regular Member
Full Set (80-100 lashes per eye) $195 $140
Lash Mini (30-40 lashes per eye) $135 $90
Touchup (2-3 weeks)$80$50
3-5 Week Touchup (3-5weeks)$100$70
New Client Touchup (new client from another spa, 2-3 week Touchup)$115
1 Week Touchup $45 $30
Lash Removal $40 $25
Returning Client Full Set $150 $99

Service Regular Member
Brows $25 $15
Lip $12$8
Chin $12 $8
Full Face $45 $35
Men's Ear or Nose $15 $10

Volume Lashes

Service                            RegularMember
Full Set$270$195
2-3 Week Touch Up$115$90
3-5 Week Touch Up$150$125
New Client Vlume Touchup (new client from another spa)$150

Russian Sable Lashes
Service                          RegularMember
Full Set$245$175
Russian Sable Mini$150$99
Touchup (2-3 weeks) $100$70
3-5 Week Touchup(3-5 weeks) $120$90
1 Week Touchup$60$45
Russian Sable Volume Full Set$290$220
Russian Sable Volume 2-3 Week Touchup$140$115
Russian Sable Volume 3-5 Week Touchup$165$135
New Client Russian Sable Volume Touchup$200
Developed over a period of four years with Japanese delicate attention to detail, the Russian Sable extensions are soft, feather-light and have excellent curve retention.
Available only at LashSpot SF in the US.

The price of $25 per month. Members receive member pricing for all services, as well as 15% off retail products. To purchase a membership, please call or email us.