What's the difference between our services? / by LashSpot SF

Full Set vs. Lash Mini

The Full Set and the Lash Mini are different in the number of lash extensions applied. For the Full Set, 80-90 lash extensions are applied per eye, whereas for the Lash Mini, 30-40 extensions are applied per eye.

Lash mini, 30-40 lashes per eye, $90

Both services can be adapted to any type of look you are looking for, but the Lash Mini may be preferable for a more natural look. We use synthetic silk and mink lashes of different lengths and curls to best suit your eye shape and your desired look. Extensions last about 4-6 weeks, and indefinitely with touchups.

 Full set by Yukari, 80-90 lashes per eye, $195

Full set by Yukari, 80-90 lashes per eye, $195

Russian Sable

In addition to silk and mink lashes, LashSpot SF also offers Russian Sable lash extensions, in both Full Set and Mini. Feather-light and refined, Russian Sable lashes are the highest grade lashes available on the market. Check out our previous blog posts (here and here) to find out more about Russian Sable.

Russian Sable Full Set, $245. Feather light and extremely natural-looking. (Mini available for $120.)

3D Volume Lashes

For those clients looking for extra volume, LashSpot SF also offers 3D Volume Lashes (full set only). The 3D volume lash extensions adds an extra dimension to your lashes, with three extensions per natural lash instead of one, giving your lashes extra drama and flourish.

3D Volume Lashes, Full Set $245.