Russian Sable, the New Lash!!! / by LashSpot SF

Russian sable lashes

LashSpot SF is proud to announce our new lash, Russian Sable!

Developed over a period of four years by Japanese specialists, Russian Sable lash extensions are soft, feather-light and have great shape retention.

Why choose Russian Sable?

Formulated in Japan and available in the US only at LashSpot SF, they are the highest grade lash extensions on the market.

Unprecedented in quality, the Russian Sable lash extensions have been developed through a unique process that helps them resemble natural lashes more than any extension before.

Compared to the standard sable and mink lashes, they are not only more delicate and fine-tipped, but softer and feather-light. Their extraordinary shape retention holds up against heat and keeps their curl over time.

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